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Yello Balolia

Director, Chello Publishing Limited

We’re so happy to have Maxine as a regular freelancer for our small, independent publishing company. She’s done work for us each month for over a year now, and it’s great that we have someone we fully trust that we can send any type of design work to that comes up. Maxine is very good at understanding our briefs; she provides what we are looking for straight away, meaning projects are delivered quickly and efficiently. She has a range of skills and can tackle anything we put her way, including book covers, full book layout, adverts, newsletters, website graphics, flyers, press releases, and the list goes on! Overall, we’d highly recommend Maxine as a flexible and skilled designer.

Eleshia Harris

Owner, Eleshia Lifestyle

Maxine's eye for detail is outstanding, I provided a very brief specification of what I want my website and stationary to look like and Maxine surpassed my expectations. Everybody who visits my website or see's my stationary comments on how clean and fresh it looks. I am so glad I found somebody who is passionate about their work.  Sometimes we were working against tight deadlines and minimal contact and Maxine still managed to get my vision spot on. I look forward to our next project together. Thank you for being amazing.

Gabriel Moss

Proof Zoom, SmartLexic, Great Vibes Cleaning

Maxine is a masterful designer, and I don't say that lightly. I have gone through a series of attempts at conveying my intentions on logos and branding to other designers who just don't get it. Maxine delivers every time! Her rate per hour is exceedingly reasonable because she works so swiftly. I have asked her to make several logos and branding elements for a series of businesses I have been a part of. She comes back with designs that are striking, memorable, and in alignment with the brand I was creating at the time. Do yourself, your business and your brand a huge favor and use her services!

Nikki Ryan

Lifestyle Blogger

Maxine designed my logo and my social media banner for my blog. I had a lot of other companies send suggestions and none understood exactly what it was that I was looking for. Maxine got it straight away, her logo was perfect!!! Very modern, simple, yet distinctive. She has an incredible knowledge in design and I would highly recommend her. So helpful, efficient and professional.

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Here is some feedback from some of my clients.

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